Lynn’s home-grown band features top tier administration

Wolfhawk performs at annual State of the University event.
Wolfhawk performs at 2016 State of the University event.

It all started from a bet between Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Gregg Cox and President Kevin M. Ross. And just 45 days later, Ross would have to put together a band to perform at Lynn University's annual Celebration of the Arts. This bet led to the beginning of Wolfhawk, a cover band like no other. 

Wolfhawk consists of Ross at lead guitar and Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Anthony Altieri on the drums, as well as with Adam Beighley at guitar, Jay Brandt 99' 01' as lead singer and guitarist, and Alex Keller 14' on bass guitar. 

“We wanted to lose this bet,” said Ross. “I always wanted to be in a band, rock stars have all of the fun.”

“We had 45 days to get everything ready to go and we put as many practices together as we could and learned five songs,” said Brandt, lead singer. “We were extremely nervous, but we got it done.”

After their first performance in the AG theater, they were asked to play at a backyard party. The band was paid in swordfish. 

When deciding to continue on with the band, the group decided on the name Wolfhawk. 

“I named it after a 1987 Jeep Wagoneer that I bought on eBay,” said Ross. “I went to North Carolina to pick it up and the owner said the car had an animal spirit name called Wolfhawk.”

Wolfhawk poses in front of Ross's 1987 Jeep Wagoneer.
Wolfhawk poses in front of Ross's 1987 Jeep Wagoneer, the vehicle that the band is named after.

The name Wolfhawk is now patented, and Ross still owns the 1987 Jeep. Wolfhawk performs mostly rock music and some contemporary music, with inspiration from Foo Fighters and other influential rock bands. 

Each member brings to the table a different favorite band or version of rock music. Ross enjoys gritty rock like Stone Temple and AC/DC along with Drivin N Cryin and Cracker. Beighley notes his love for Led Zepplin. 

Altieri grew up listening to Bon Jovi and Poison. Brandt mentioned his love for 70’s southern rock, including Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zepplin, and Bon Jovi. 

Wolfhawk does cover songs of several rock bands, but hopes to peruse acoustic sets in the future. They also noted that they have worked on lyrics for their own music, which they hope to publish.  

Altieri had prior experience playing drums, but the other members of Wolfhawk have learned their instruments within the last five years of playing together. Interestingly enough, John Mayer opened up for Altieri at one of his gigs in the past. 

“Alex was in a Christian rock band called Ambient Soul,” said Ross. “He reminds the band of Will Farrell and is the only millennial in the band with no kids.” 

Each member, aside from Keller, have children who show support and love for Wolfhawk. Altieri and Ross mention how their kids take an interest in the band.

“My kids like it a lot,” said Altieri. “My six-year-old wanted to come on stage at the Boca Bowl.” 

“I had this moment where I felt pretty cool, and that’s rare,” said Ross. “My daughter told me one of her friends posted a video of Wolfhawk on Snapchat and said, ‘This band is dope.’ ”

Wolfhawk has played several performances, including at the Boca Resort this past New Years, at weddings for Lynn alumni, in garages and backyards, and this past December, at the Boca Raton Bowl.

Lynn students and faculty play an important role in the creativity of band merchandise. Beighley does not think of Ross and Altieri as Lynn administration during band activities. 

“I don’t think of them like that,” said Beighley. “I think of them as good friends, and cool dads.”

Brandt is an a Lynn alumnus and worked at the university for 15 years. Wolfhawk has never had trouble separating the band from their work life. 

“It’s amazing to think what their professions are because when we are playing music it’s just playing with the guys,” said Brandt. “The day jobs tuck away once we start playing.”

Altieri does not think about his work life during band practices. “It is something done in my spare time and something that I enjoy doing,” said Altieri. He stated that they have come along way since the beginning. When discussing the beginning of the band he said, “I was expecting a lot worse.” 

As for their audience, it continues to grow. Starting off with mostly Lynn students, faculty, and alumni, fans are now from the entire Boca Raton area. Because of new sets and performances, the band has gained fans from South America and Colorado, who watched Wolfhawk perform at a wedding in Key West. 

“Work floats away,” said Beighley. “You have to pay enough attention while you’re playing that you can’t think about the rest of your life. You can be completely engaged with people and let off steam.” 

Wolfhawk played for the third time at the the Celebration of the Arts afterparty in April, and are looking to play at a secret show that has yet to be announced. The members of Wolfhawk encourage Lynn students to jump out of their comfort zones, and try new things even when it seems like its too late. 

“Try and stick with it and do it with people you want to,” said Ross. “Make it up as you go along.” 

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