Support for your educational progress

Our Institute for Achievement and Learning will help you maximize your strengths and achieve your goals toward independent learning.

About us

We are a recognized leader in the field of academic support for students. We enhance learning experiences through custom-designed spaces for writing, math, tutoring, testing and collaboration.

Services and facilities

From planning and organizing to tutoring and testing, IAL’s services and facilities help you in your classes.

Receive coaching, tutoring, testing and more

Academic coaching*

Certified academic coaches provide learning strategies that reduce symptoms related to students’ deficits in executive functioning.

Assistive technology

Computer software programs (Dragon, Inspiration, Kurzwell, NaturallySpeaking, Kurzweil, Read&Write Gold, etc.) help students increase reading and writing competency.

Institute fellows

Teach select Dialogues, which ensure the incorporation of a variety of different teaching and learning strategies.

The Harold and Mary Perper Testing Center

Provides students with the option to take extended-time exams in an alternative testing environment. Reader, scribe and computer access is available for assistance recording answers to test responses. Students must make prior arrangements with their professors to use the facility and while taking their exams, they must follow the center’s established rules and procedures.

The Harold, Nathan and Dorothy Wayser Tutoring Center*

Master’s and doctoral-level professionals offer a variety of tutoring options in a one-on-one setting.

  • Content tutoring: subject-specific to aid in the student’s comprehension of material presented in class
  • Group tutoring: two or more students working on the same project
  • Process tutoring: focuses on the elements or concepts required for successful writing, speaking and organizing
The Donna and Jeffrey Eskind Family Writing Center

A staff of writing experts offer guidance while students work on essays.

Diagnostic Center for Educational Assessment*

The center helps determine educational setting and testing accommodation needs through offering psychoeducational, neuropsychological and gifted evaluations.

*Services are available to all students (fees may apply).

The IAL experience

Only the program's first year is mandatory. If you experience great results or need additional support, you may enroll for all four years.

Four steps toward independence

  • Build a strong foundation
    Through specialized academic coaching and tutoring, you’ll begin to gain skills in time management, prioritization and goal setting—building blocks that form your basic educational competence.
  • Make the transition
    Once you're thinking critically and analyzing new information, we'll help you start focusing on increasing your independence and self-advocacy.
  • Find the right balance
    As you become more aware, you’ll no longer require intensive support, but you may still use tutoring services, academic coaching and the writing center. Coaching may shift toward balancing academics with other aspects of your life.
  • Take the lead
    You’ll learn how to problem solve and further your education independently. You can continue using the IAL services as needed.

ADA accommodations

Students with disabilities have the right to reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

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Shaun Exsteen
There's no 'one model' of education that fits all learners. In the IAL, our passionate staff always has the students' best interests at heart.
Shaun Exsteen, Executive Director, Institute for Achievement and Learning
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Complete one three-week J-Term course and explore innovative ideas, topics and experiential learning.

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