Our 3-year bachelor’s degree saves you time and money ...

A lot of money. (Nearly $50,000 less than a traditional degree.) Stay for your master's and earn both in just four years.

Being a 3-year degree holder has a number of benefits.

  • Save nearly $50,000 over the cost of a four-year degree.
  • Enter the job market or graduate school a year earlier.
  • Have prospective employers view you as the ambitious, disciplined, focused achiever that you are!
Nick Haggarty Lynn University graduate.
The 3-year degree is a great program. It’s a great way to challenge yourself. It provides a better feel for the real world and definitely made it easier for me to know how to handle so much work now.
Nick Haggarty '16, business analyst at JP Morgan Chase

As a student in the accelerated degree program

  • You must maintain good standings in your classes.
  • You need to be motivated and disciplined.
  • You can choose to complete a master's degree in year four.

Available for all majors except music, education and B.F.A. programs. The 3+3 law program is available in designated undergraduate programs only.