Focus on the essentials with online learning

While your individual degree program will include an array of topical courses, an online degree also includes a core curriculum providing a foundational education in the liberal arts:

  • To enhance your knowledge, confidence, competencies and ethical consciousness
  • To help you assume a position of responsibility and leadership
  • To prepare you for lifelong learning

Common core classes that focus on the essentials:

  • English Composition (ENG 101)
  • Humanities elective (HUM)
  • Computer Applications (CMS 200) or equivalent
  • Behavioral or social science elective (PSY, SOC or CRJ)
  • International relations or history elective (IRPS or HIS)
  • College level math (MAT)
  • Critical Thinking and Writing (DJC 301)
  • Presentational Communication and Technology (DSS 301)
  • Scientific Literacy: Contemporary Issues in Science (DSL 301)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (DQR 401)
  • Ethical Decision Making (HUM 420)

Online core outcomes

Combined with your degree-specific course requirements, you'll develop competencies in:

  • Acquiring an outlook demonstrating reflective respect for individual differences, diversity of opinion and thought, multicultural and global awareness, and breadth and depth of learning
  • Cultivating the development of values and ethical consciousness for responsible participation in a complex, changing society
  • Gaining an awareness of and appreciation for people, cultures and contemporary issues in preparation for participation in global transformations
  • Serving and leading in your chosen profession with a mastery of specialized knowledge

Program curricula are listed on the academic catalog page of each degree program. Search our list of online programs to find the degree and curriculum you're interested in.

Dialogues Lecture Series

The Dialogues Lecture Series brings theorists and practitioners to Lynn who share new ideas, approaches and practices in their respective field, and are a great opportunity for you to meet, interact and speak with influential and innovative leaders on campus.