Communication is changing in exciting ways

Are you passionate about producing something innovative? In the College of Communication and Design, we're all about new and emerging media.

Here, you'll stay ahead of the trends to become a media practitioner of the future. Whether you’re an artist or storyteller, our programs are designed to challenge you in ways you've never imagined.

Students learn by doing

Our projects provide credits for your degree and real-world experience for your resume.

Message from the Dean

In the College of Communication and Design, students learn by doing. Our projects provide credits for your degree and real-world experience for your resume. We train you for the future by forecasting trends in technology so, when you graduate, you are ready to fill positions with skills others have not yet mastered.

In my analysis, four kinds of students thrive in communication and design:

You express yourself through the narrative form: journalist, PR or advertising specialist, screenwriter

You see things through images and instinctively deliver your message graphically: digital designer, photojournalist, director

You love to be “on,” commanding attention: actor, singer, dancer, on-camera reporter

You are driven to create, no matter the media: illustrator, digital animator, web designer

If one (or more) of these sounds like you, I invite you to find your place in the College of Communication and Design.

David Jaffe



Expand your knowledge and complement your major. You can enhance your bachelor’s degree by adding a minor to your studies.
Erika Grodzki
Technology has changed the game. I meet professors from all over the world and when I tell them about what we are doing at Lynn, they are amazed.
Erika Grodzki, professor of advertising and public relations

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